Study of flow behavior of granular material inside cylindrical silo using ultrafast X-ray imaging technique


  • Selam Waktola


This paper presents an application of an ultrafast electron beam X-ray CT scanner for investigating the gravitational flow behavior of granulates through cylindrical silo model. The CT scanner allows obtaining cross-sectional images of the granular material distribution with a spatial resolution of approximately 1 mm and a time resolution of 2 kHz. In order to conduct a deep analysis of the granular flow concentration changes, two image processing algorithm steps were applied. The first step deals with pre-processing and re-centering stacks of raw images. The second step divides the pre-processed image into several concentric rings and calculates the mean value to study radial concentration changes. Independent analysis of granular concentration in each ring provides useful knowledge to study the silo discharging during mass flow and funnel flow.


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