Assessing Capabilities Of Commercial WiMax Networks For Deliverling Real-Time Surveillance Video Traffic In Uplink


  • Adam Flizikowski
  • Mateusz Półcienniczak
  • Maciej Rybicki
  • Witold Hołubowicz
  • Maciej Podyma


Streaming video in uplink is an interesting opportunity for network operators for capitalizing unused part of bandwidth (due to Internet asymmetry). The uplink seems not optimized nowadays due to lack of business cases. The main challenge however is bursty and unpredictable nature of wireless channel observed especially as mobility comes into play in current broadband networks. That is why in this paper, we have approached the diagnosis of commercial mobile WiMAX network towards the capabilities of assuring real-time video in uplink direction. We present results of drive tests showing that delay in WiMAX networks for LOS-NLOS mobile conditions is largely contributed by uplink direction (60-90% of RTT) whereas downlink directions hardly ever exceeds 40ms. We show that enabling MIMO-A can decrease delays by 100ms in NLOS conditions and decrease delay variation by up to 90%. For each of tests we have presented exact probabilities of particular modulations involved based on channel realizations.


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