Failure Issues in WIFI Networks Applied in Intelligent Home Systems


  • Piotr Lech
  • Jan Purczyński
  • Eugeniusz Kornatowski
  • Przemysław Włodarski


This article presents current research on failure issues in the IEEE 802.11g wireless network that can be easily applied in the intelligent home system. Different systems in different communication models coexisted with each other in the same time of operation. As a result of many observations the new statistical model of communication system failures was developed. During normal operation there should be no connection loss in the ideal case. However, when transmitting devices are located on the edge of the wireless network range, the connection could be lost. The problem of reconnections cannot be ignored in the process of automation devices control, especially when dealing with sensitive data transmitted using e.g. Internet of Things technologies. One of the possible scenarios that could take place after link failure is the stability loss of the system or issues with data integrity. All research presented in this work could help in performing new computer simulations, and as a consequence - by appropriate designing of queueing systems - preventing data loss.


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